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Installation Instructions For Softail / FL Stands

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Installation Guide For Softails / FL Stands

  1. Have someone hold the bike upright.

  2. Remove nut or bolt at the top of the original kickstand.

  3. Slide the lock stop off of your original kickstand. Note which side is "up" you will need to replace this part exactly the same way on your new kickstand later.

  4. Swing kickstand towards your front tire. This takes the tension off the spring.

  5. Pull out the spring. Vice grips can be of help.

  6. Drop stand out of housing.

  7. Remove the bolt and washers from the new stand. Use grease on the post of the new stand.

  8. Inset new stand into housing.

  9. Inspect Spring. IMP recommends the use of a new springs, HD part #50005-85A (PART NOT INCLUDED). Original spring may be used if in excellent condition.

  10. Rotate stand toward front tire and attach spring to the bike and kickstand.

  11. Rotate kickstand to "down" position.

  12. Replace lock stop exactly as it was on your original kickstand.

  13. Replace new bolts and washers. Use loctite.

  14. IMP recommends the use of HD Part #50059-85A. FL Frame Bumper to eliminate metal to metal contact between the kickstand and the bike's frame.

  15. Polish it up and ride! Your new kickstand is made of 17-4 Stainless Steel and should be polished regularly with any quality metal polish. 17-4 Stainless Steel is a corrosion resistant formula of steel.

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