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Installation Instructions For 2007- 2017 Softail Stands

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Installation Guide For 2007 - 2017 Softails

These instructions are from HD service manual and should be sufficient to install your new kickstand. The jiffy stand locks when placed in the full forward [down] position with the vehicle weight on it. If the jiffy stand is not in the full forward [down] position with vehicle weight on it, the vehicle can fall over which could result in injury or death.

Always park motorcycle on a level, firm surface. An unbalanced motorcycle can fall over, which could result in injury or death.

To remove kickstand:

  1. Block motorcycle underneath frame so both wheels are raised off the ground.

  2. Detach shifter linkage.

  3. Remove the three screws from jiffy stand bracket.

  4. Detach spring from jiffy stand and spring bracket.

  5. remove pretzel clip from clevis pin.

  6. Remove clevis pin and bushings to free jiffy stand from jiffy stand bracket.

To install kickstand:

  1. Apply Loctite Anti-Seize to clevis pin.

  2. Place jiffy stand into position.

  3. Install lower bushing on clevis pin.

  4. Install clevis pin through jiffy stand and jiffy stand bracket.

  5. Place top bushing on clevis pin.

  6. Install pretzel clip in clevis pin.

  7. Attach spring to jiffy stand and bracket.

  8. Install jiffy stand and bracket assembly.

  9. Tighten to 25-30 ft-lbs.

  10. Attach shifter linkage.

  11. Check the jiffy stand operates correctly before using.

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