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Installation Instructions for Sportster Series Stands

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Installation Guide For Sportster Series

  1. Have someone hold the bike upright.

  2. Remove the cotter pin. Directly under the engine, either to the top or the bottom of where the kickstand attaches to the frame (Harley is not consistent with their placement) there will be a cotter pin holding a 3/8' unthreaded bolt. Remove this cotter pin. Needle nose pliers and a screwdriver work well to remove the pin. Use the screwdriver inside the loophole of the cotter pin to steady the pin and use the needle nose pliers to work out the cotter pin.

  3. Remove the 3/8" unthreaded bolt from the frame/housing area. Use your screwdriver and mallet to tap the bolt out.

  4. Release the spring from the post under the frame of the bike. Your screwdriver will work well on this step also.

  5. Grease up the 3/8' unthreaded bolt and reinstall the unthreaded bolt, bolt washers, and new kickstand onto the frame; securing the assembly with a new cotter pin. Pull the cotter pin tabs out and make sure the cotter pin will not fall out during operation of your bike.

  6. Inspect spring. IMP recommend the use of a new spring, HD Part #50005-85A (PART NOT INCLUDED). If original spring is in excellent condition, original spring may be used. To reinstall the spring, rotate the kickstand to the 'up' position, hook the spring onto the kickstand, hook the other end of the spring to around a long narrow Phillip's screwdriver. Using the kickstand spring mounting post as pivot point, shimmy the spring off the screwdriver onto the kickstand spring mounting post.

  7. Swing the kickstand up and down a few times. If the spring is not set properly it will pop off. This step allows you to inspect the overall operation of your new kickstand to ensure correct operation.

  8. Polish it up and ride! Your new kickstand is made of 17-4 Stainless Steel and should be polished regularly with any quality metal polish. 17-4 Stainless Steel is a corrosion resistant formula of steel.

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