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Mirror Adjustment Instructions - Talon Mirrors

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Adjustment Guide For Talon Mirrors

Thank you for your purchase of Image Motorcycle Products mirrors. They are cast in 17-4 stainless steel and hand polished. The dark areas you see are there by design. They give the product more of a three dimensional appearance, however, if you do not like the addition depth the black achieves, you may remove some of the black by soaking a soft cloth in paint thinner and wiping away the desired amount. THESE MIRRORS ARE HAND MADE INDIVIDUALLY ONE AT A TIME. THE SURFACE WILL SHOW HAND WORKING AND SLIGHT VARIATIONS MAY BE VISIBLE.

Due to the overall design of the product, adjustments should be limited. Repeated adjustments will, of course, loosen the screw and may allow the mirrors to easily move when riding. To adjust the mirrors up or down, please grasp the mirrors and move them accordingly. Please note they may seem fixed please, but will allow minor adjustments up or down, go ahead and forcefully adjust them. They won't break. If you can't get the adjustment you want then further adjustments can be made by removing the socket head cap screws, removing the talon from the arm and loosening the button head screw attached to the talon. Put the mirrors on your bike, adjust, them take them off and tighten the button screw head. Please remember to use a thread locker when you tighten all screws.

Additional mirror glass is available at $15 a set plus shipping.

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